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Far Westerns '17- Cal Tigers Orange 16-1

Our Mission

Cal Tiger’s first mission is to provide youth volleyball players with the volleyball skills needed to succeed through teaching in a positive healthy manner and demonstrating by example. Our second mission is to provide life skills through the sport of volleyball. We want our athletes to have an enjoyable experience and learn by example.

What We Strive For

Cal Tigers Volleyball is a family of passionate volleyball lovers. Our coaches will always be there in times of need and want their players to know they can openly communicate with their coaches. We have high expectations for our players and ultimately want to see them performing at THEIR highest potential.


Our coaches will teach and uphold -passion for the game, compassion, self-awareness, respect, commitment, mental toughness, positive attitudes and will expect the same from our players.



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Cal Tigers was formed in 2015. The Director, Stephanie Dahl, saw a need for club volleyball to be available for the small community of Calaveras County. The rural areas of the Motherlode provide limited options for competitive outlets. Most dedicated athletes travel at least an hour to either the San Joaquin area or Sacramento area to play for a club team. Stephanie saw that only a select few had this opportunity. She saw a high number in passion and love for the game, but a low number in the ability to fulfill this. 
The Director decided to create Cal Tigers. Cal Tigers was created with the intention to provide club volleyball with an affordable cost, to allow equal opportunity for the passionate volleyball lovers in the area. 
We started with just one 16's power team in the Season of 2015-2016. The following Season we had three teams- one 14's power, one 16's premier, and one 17's premier.  We had our first Beach program in the summer of 2017. 
The Director is not interested in squeezing out every penny a parent has with the hope of their child obtaining a college scholarship. She is interested in providing affordable volleyball to those who are interested in working hard to earn a college scholarship. 
Too many clubs today are looking to make money first and provide volleyball second. This is not the goal of Cal Tigers Volleyball. 

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P.O. Box 203

Mokelumne Hill, CA